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Extensible Document - number formatting

I created a parameter to specify the dimensions that I want to pull into a Word document. I want to format the data cells to show a "-" and not a zero but I cannot get that to work. I tried : NumberFormat =[#,##0;(#,##0);-] NumberFormat =[#,##0;(#,##...

EPM_22 by New Contributor II
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Extensible Documents Time Variable

I have built out an extensible document in PowerPoint that extracts a set at dashboards out of OneStream. I have charts displaying data for the current month, and previous two months. I am having trouble using a variable to label the two previous mon...

Andy1 by New Contributor II
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Best Approach to Exporting Dashboards Outside of OneStream?

We have built a set of dashboards for our client within OneStream and the requirement is to be able to export and distribute these dashboards outside of OneStream. We have previously gone the route of exporting to PowerPoint, however, we are struggli...

Andy1 by New Contributor II
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Word Extensible Document Report Header

Hi everyone ! Hope you're doing well. I am looking for help on a word extensible document : we manage to integrate a cubeview in the doc word however the column header do not appear despite selecting "IncludeReportHeader=True". Could you please advis...

jdropsy_0-1709654483670.png jdropsy_1-1709654836057.png
jdropsy by New Contributor
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Chart & CubeView Size in Powerpoint

Hello Community, I have an issue with the chart size, if I try to display it in powerpoint, using the extensible documents function like this. I tried several different zoom factores, but all efforts failed. I want to place 2 charts next to each othe...

Markus_G by New Contributor
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