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Chart & CubeView Size in Powerpoint

Hello Community, I have an issue with the chart size, if I try to display it in powerpoint, using the extensible documents function like this. I tried several different zoom factores, but all efforts failed. I want to place 2 charts next to each othe...

Report Books - If Statement

Hi There, I am trying to create a book with a loop on our UD4 (project). I have it working but I want to add an IF statement to filter out tabs that contain no data. Referencing a previous post, I tried adding an IF statement to filter out an account...

Book1.png book2.png book3.png book4.png

XFDoc - PPT dynamic calcs

Hello,Is it possible to add dynamic calcs (UD8 member) into an XF doc powerpoint? I am trying to create an XFCELL that uses a variance member in UD8. However, I keep getting 0 as the value.Also, is there a way for a user to see the settings/parameter...

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