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BI Viewer Dashboard Component Header Format

How can we format the Header Row of a BI Viewer Grid (ex background color, bold, etc)? I see how to conditionally format the data rows, but I don't see anything for the header row....

sdayringer by New Contributor III
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Fit Multiple Cube Views on Single Page in Book

I have a report book that loops through over 200 members and creates a new cube view for each member. The cube view is relatively short and I could definitely fit 2 on one page. Does anyone know of a way to get multiple cube views to fit on one page ...

tuhler by New Contributor
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Advanced chart formatting

Hello everyone, We have a few dashboard chart questions. 1. Waterfall chartDoes anyone know if there are ways to change the data label text and background color? For example, change all the data labels to black text and remove all the red, green, and...

LisaC_0-1665071694748.png LisaC_2-1665072169596.png
LisaC by New Contributor II
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BI Viewer Grid Header Format

Is it possible to format (ie bold/background color/text size/etc) the column headers of a BI Viewer Grid that uses a SQL data adapter? I know how to conditionally format the values, but haven't found a way to format the actual header line....

sdayringer_1-1654781272903.png sdayringer_2-1654781445255.png
sdayringer by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Report Book PDF Column Alignment

Wondering if anyone has encountered the issue? It's a simple PDF report book with straight forward column set, but there are slight misalignments between numbers. Ideally, looking for right side justification. Thank you

royceBPSC by New Contributor II
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