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Linked Parameter in Table View

Hello, I have a doubt about table view custom parameter. Let's say we have defined two parameters namely "Param_1" and "Param_2". the requirement is my "Param_2" values should be based on "Param_1" is it possible to achieve? When I select a Value in ...

Mubarak_H by New Contributor II
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How do I make 2 combo-boxes dependant on one another?

We have summary dashboards with a lot of information. I'm trying to find a way for users to filter down on that information and have created 2 combo-boxes. However, none of the data pulls through. How do I make those combo- boxes (parameter values) d...

Ashlee by New Contributor III
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Open a Dashboard from another Workspace

Dear community, With 7.4 onward, we have the concept of "Workspaces", which usually works well. For one of my requirement, I need to embed a dashboard which is on another Workspace. The problem I am facing, is that the parameters that are currently i...

Sergey by Contributor III
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