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Resolved! GetDataCell in Cube View or Quick View with Dynamic Members

Is there any way to do a GetDataCell in a Cube View or Quick View where the members are dynamic/based on some criteria? The formula below doesn't work, but hopefully give you an idea of what I wish did work. GetDataCell(SUM(E#TopEntityMember.Base.Whe...

rjgoss by New Contributor II
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Resolved! User Input Values for Quick Views

Has anyone come across a simple way to incorporate user input values with a Quick View? Our users very much prefer the Excel Add-In with Quick Views and tend not to like the predefined nature of cube views. This has been one of the main sources of fr...

rjgoss by New Contributor II
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Cube view column headers

When I develop cube views, is it possible to have the description in the header for the data in the rows, for instance first column might be Account, second column Customer. When I extract the cube view the header for these is blank and I have to man...

tdugas by New Contributor II
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Excel Add-in : Dimension Levels to be displayed in Columns

I'm having trouble figuring out how to organize the layout of my cubeview. I'd like a tabular layout where dimension levels will occupy their own columns. Below is an example where I am retrieving data from my cube by week. But I want to display the ...

dbeavon by Contributor
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Resolved! Quick View Text Alignment

How do I make the entity column to align left? Excel has it's own formatting, but it changes back every time I refresh my workbook. I'm using an excel-add-in. Wondering if there is any alignment setting, that could be changed in OneStream. Any ideas?...

Mustafa_A by Contributor II
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