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Excel Column Freeze (Export/Book)

Hello,Is there a way to determine where the freeze panes will be placed in a cubeview upon the export to excel? It looks to default wherever the headers end, but I have a view where I'm calling a naming convention using UD8 (data grid). Also, I notic...

Fit Multiple Cube Views on Single Page in Book

I have a report book that loops through over 200 members and creates a new cube view for each member. The cube view is relatively short and I could definitely fit 2 on one page. Does anyone know of a way to get multiple cube views to fit on one page ...

tuhler by New Contributor
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Question about a Report Book

Hello, I have a Book in OneStream that generates the following:The book generates the following excel with data in each tab (without the index tab), I add the index tab manually with the Hyperlink code In the Index tab, I have manually created a code...

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grillin7 by New Contributor II
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Book Export Logos

Hello, I'm having an issue with some custom logos not being pushed to books when being exported as a pdf. I'm using a cube view extender business rule to point to a particular file path depending on the entity that selected. Although this is working ...

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Resolved! Reporting - Books - File (xfDoc)

Hello, I would like to create a report book that includes several cube views and an xfdoc (ppt cover page).I added the xfdoc as an application database file and pointed it to the working URL. However, when I run the report book I get a blank page. I ...

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