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No Data Formatting

Hello, I'm trying to format No Data cells as dashes on some cube views. Currently, the number format for the cube view is as follows: [#,##0;(#,##0);-]. This is formats zeros as dashes, but not No Data cells. Is anyone aware of a special formatting t...


I have a report where the row headers are placed in the center of the report. I was able to get this to work when exported to the report version as shown below. Is there any way to get this to display in the excel version and data explorer as well?


Resolved! Scenario Text1 as column header CV

Hi, In a forecast scenario I have placed some text in the "Custom settings" Text 1What it the syntax to get this text1 into my header of the CV?T#Year(|WFYearNext1|)Q1:S#WF:name(|Text1|)

BKS by New Contributor
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Dynamic Member Filter

A#Trade_Receivables_Net:Name(Accounts receivable, net of allowances for credit losses of $36 on April 30, 2022 and $107 on April 30, 2021)I am hard-coding the line/name : Accounts receivable, net of allowances for credit losses of $36 on April 30, 20...

DGC_2-1663614646664.png DGC_0-1663614552502.png
DGC by New Contributor
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Conditional Formatting to Dashboard Reports

Hello, We are currently trying to create a report to use in parcel service outlining which tasks in task manager are currently complete. We have a sql query being fed into a report, but I am struggling with setting up conditional formatting rules in ...

Tom_R by New Contributor II
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