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Reporting across two applications in the same environment

Hello!Does anyone have experience reporting across two applications in the same environment? I've been in touch with OS support who's still working on it but wanted to pose this to the larger customer/consultant community to see if there were any opt...

Issue with XFGetCell disappearing upon refresh

Hi All,I've prepared a large report on Excel that contains over 30 tabs and all pulling data from OS using XFGetCell formulae. However, recently the issue we are having is that when we "Refresh Workbook" the formulae disappear for the entire workbook...

Zarar by New Contributor
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Simple Row Expansion (+/- buttons) in Cube View with Acconts

I have a cube view set up with only Account in the rows that I am using the expansion as follows: A#PAT.TreeDescendantsInclusiveR I would expect this to display as collapsed with PAT showing and the ability to expand the accounts shown, through the a...

Behavior Experienced.PNG
Marlin by New Contributor II
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Conditional Aggregation Weight

Trying to ensure my signs are flipping when looking at variances for revenue vs. expenses. Does anyone know the syntax to add a conditional aggregation weight to a reporting variance (UD8) dynamic calc?