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Resolved! Extract Account's Assigned Plug Account via SQL

Hello,How can I call an account's assigned plug account via SQL? I able to get the PlugAcct DecimalValue, but need help with the syntax to return the account member name instead of the ID...SELECT (CASE WHEN D.DimTypeId = 0 THEN 'Entity' WHEN D.DimTy...

sdayringer by New Contributor III
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Dashboard - How to format numbers within SQL table editor?

Hello, So we loaded some data to an application database, which we are accessing within Dashboard. Does anyone know how to format the table values in general? For e.g. I want the decimal to show in pct. I tried to format numbers within here - but cou...

Mustafa_A_0-1652994999224.png Mustafa_A_1-1652995192528.png
Mustafa_A by Contributor II
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Parameter value not appearing

Hi, I am (again) trying to use parameters in a SQL table editor. My parameter is set in order to get a column from an SQL table. When I test the parameter, this is working fine. However, when I add this parameter (which is a bound parameter) to the c...

Sergey_1-1646809270861.png Sergey_0-1646809260479.png Sergey_2-1646809338964.png Sergey_3-1646809395546.png
Sergey by Contributor
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Conditional editability on SQL table editor ?

Dear community,Using the SQL table editor, it is possible to define the "allowupdates" as true for each column.Right now I have a requirement which is to have a cell with a column which should be editable depending on another row: on a specific row, ...

Sergey by Contributor
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SQL table editor with drop down menu

Dear community, EDIT: seems like the column name "SEL" was messing up the behiavor of the column. I changed it to another specific column name and now the drop-down list saves saved & reported accordingly. I am using a SQL table editor in order for a...

Sergey_0-1646380336708.png Sergey_1-1646380427076.png Sergey_2-1646380448919.png Sergey_3-1646380714791.png
Sergey by Contributor
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