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Parameter value not appearing

Hi, I am (again) trying to use parameters in a SQL table editor. My parameter is set in order to get a column from an SQL table. When I test the parameter, this is working fine. However, when I add this parameter (which is a bound parameter) to the c...

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Sergey by OneStream Employee
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Conditional editability on SQL table editor ?

Dear community,Using the SQL table editor, it is possible to define the "allowupdates" as true for each column.Right now I have a requirement which is to have a cell with a column which should be editable depending on another row: on a specific row, ...

Sergey by OneStream Employee
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SQL table editor with drop down menu

Dear community, EDIT: seems like the column name "SEL" was messing up the behiavor of the column. I changed it to another specific column name and now the drop-down list saves saved & reported accordingly. I am using a SQL table editor in order for a...

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Sergey by OneStream Employee
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Ad-hoc cube queries from client processes

I have heard that Onestream supports ad-hoc queries and reporting. But I haven't yet found an easy way to send ad-hoc queries to our OneStream cubes. I'm searching for some sort of query interface like SQL, MDX, or DAX. So far I've discovered that th...

dbeavon by New Contributor III
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SQL Table Editor - Query - External DataBase

SOURCE: ONESTREAM CHAMPIONS Hi Team, do we need to put some specific settings to connect the External DataBase… when we are connecting it via SQL Table Editor. i am getting the below mentioned error ( where as the same connection works via Data Adapt...

darpan13 by Contributor
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