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Resolved! OneStream .Net Platform Language

Was the OneStream product itself built using VB.Net?If so, I'm pretty impressed!!If it was built using C#, I'm wondering why customers are then forced to use VB.Net for business rules? It seems like a double standard. Is there a licensing reason why ...

dbeavon by New Contributor III
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How to call Data Adapter in a Business Rule?

I'm working with a BI Viewer and working out how to sort the dates within the Time data set. Is their an API that allows to call the data adapter used within a dashboard?Currently the dates on the X-Axis are disorganized and are being sorted based on...

Mustafa_A by Contributor II
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E-mail notification for "Set IC Transaction Status"

Hi, I am looking for a Business Rule (DataQualityEventhandler) to send e-mail notifications when "Set IC Transaction Status" is used. I know how to send e-mail when the "Set IC Transaction Status" is used. The challenge is to get the comment and othe...

PeterFu by Contributor
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Rank by Percentage

We currently use the XFR_MemberListRanked business rule (from Golf Stream) to rank items in our cube views. We have a request to rank based on percentage. I'm curious if anyone has a solution for this or has done this in their application.

Resolved! How do I get a dim name (dimpk) from a dim ID?

Hi allOnestream stores a lot of information using an integer ID instead of a name. And most of the time we also deliver a simple way, to get objects (or names of objects) using an api or brapi call.Somehow getting the name of a dimension from its ID ...

ChristianW by OneStream Employee
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