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Automate consolidation of constant rate scenarios

We would like the ability to auto consolidate 2 other constant ex rate scenarios once we have consolidated the main Actual scenario. We want to retain the ability to consolidate the main Actual scenario in isolation also i.e. we don't want to consol ...

bert by New Contributor
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Resolved! Destination Data Units

I am passing 2 Entities in the Data unit for Calculation as Entity is different in both the destinations So what i was expecting is that it will run as a for each loop with both the entities so it will pick enitity1 and then run the Calc and then eni...


Filter a Dynamic Calculation

Hi All,I'm looking to filter a dynamic calculation by the base of my income statement and balance sheet accounts. The result of this dynamic calc will be leveraged within a confirmation rule. Do you have any suggestion on how to effectively filter th...

Adjustments for Scaled Financials - Best Practice

Hi Everyone,In building out our financial reporting, I was seeking to get some opinions on best practice related to adjustments for financial statements when scaled and rounded to millions. We are coming from doing our consolidations and external rep...

JZamorski by New Contributor
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