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Resolved! Time Member POV CVs

Hi, Is there a way where users can input From and To dates time members in a cube view? Currently, I am using a parameter in the time member field in POV section of cube view. I have a business rule with FROM and TO dates (2022M1 to 2022M4) and then ...

cons1 by New Contributor
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XFBR for Column Set

Hi all, I'm trying to give the end-user the option to enter their forecasts in either 13 week increments (a quarter essentially) or for the full 52 weeks. This specific XFBR will determine the green cells below. I'm unsure of what line 28 should be o...

DGC_0-1667954106344.png DGC_1-1667954690756.png
DGC by New Contributor
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Why is 1S not formating pink (which is returned by u8#formula) ?

Hi, I have a u8#memberformula that I am trying to use for the first time - to format the background color of a cell. I know that setting BackgroundColor = pink will cause the cell to turn pink. BackgroundColor = u8#memberfomula my u8#memberformula ha...

Davy by Contributor
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Resolved! Returning Value of a parameter in a XFBR

Hi OneStreamers, I am trying to build an XFBR which I will link to a CV Column, that will either "True" or "False" Depending on the value of a parameter. However I am finding trouble returning the value. I came up with this but it seems tor eturn the...

kakouchtim by New Contributor II
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