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Resolved! Parallel Imports

Hello OS experts,I have BR that load P&L bucket and one BR that loads my BS bucket. I have DM sequence which load P&L,BS and then does consolidation etc. I want to know if I am able to write new BR or something I can do in DM to load P&L and BS data ...

How to use business rule to push data to cube Origin "Import"

I am trying to push some data from a sql table back to the cube. I tried to use SetDataCellsUsingUsingCsvFile and SetDataCellsUsingMemberScript. Unfortunately, both function works for the Origin Forms but not Import. Could anyone kindly provide me wi...

Kai by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Copying Scenarios using Extensible Account Dimensions

Hello OneStream Community; I am trying to copy "Actual" Scenario to a "Plan" Scenario. the Plan Scenario uses Summary Account structure and the Actual Scenario uses a detail account structure which is a Extension of the Summary Account (so a base acc...

kumar by New Contributor
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Resolved! Query on annotation data copy

Hi All, I am aware of various options available for copying scenario data in OneStream. These options (data management or custom calculate) usually copy only periodic data across scenarios. Any idea how annotation data can be copied from sceanario1 t...

Moving data from one member to another.

HI All, I am working on script to copy data from one channel member A to channel member B (New member), requirement here is to copy Actual, planning and forecast data. After data copy Member A become parent and Member B become children for Member A. ...

sandeepr by New Contributor
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