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NoData in a Data Buffer

I was asked today, 'Am I correct to think that Databuffers do not return Null/Blank cells and therefore you don't need to check whether the cellstatus is Not NoData?'The full data unit is in memory and Time is part of that. The system needs it in mem...

PFugereCSO by OneStream Employee
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Resolved! Destination Data Units

I am passing 2 Entities in the Data unit for Calculation as Entity is different in both the destinations So what i was expecting is that it will run as a for each loop with both the entities so it will pick enitity1 and then run the Calc and then eni...


Calculation Sequence of a Single Data Unit:

The items below detail the specific list of tasks that are executed for each data unit during the calculation process.Data Unit Calculation Sequence (DUCS)Clear previously calculated data If Using Hybrid Scenarios - the copy will run hereRun Scenario...

PFugereCSO by OneStream Employee
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