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Resolved! No parent members appearing in FilterMembers data buffer?

Hi, I'm trying to pull in the descendants and the parent member of an account into a data buffer. e.g. something of the form FilterMembers(A#All, A#Gross_Sales.DescendantsInclusive). When I log the data buffer and examine my results, however, I'm onl...

alex by New Contributor
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Resolved! Data Buffer

Hi EveryOne!!!! Dim resultDataBuffer As DataBuffer = New DataBufferDim destinationInfo As ExpressionDestinationInfo = api.Data.GetExpressionDestinationInfo("")Dim dataBuffSource As DataBuffer = api.Data.GetDataBufferUsingFormula("FilterMembers(F#myF,...

Oscar by Contributor
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Average based on dynamic start and end time periods

Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help. I'm trying to create a formula for a planning solution that calculates an average over a dynamic number of time periods but for hundreds of intersections. So essentially I somehow need a data buffer covering multi...

NoData in a Data Buffer

I was asked today, 'Am I correct to think that Databuffers do not return Null/Blank cells and therefore you don't need to check whether the cellstatus is Not NoData?' The full data unit is in memory and Time is part of that. The system needs it in me...

Resolved! Data Buffer in Stored Calc is not working during Condolidation

Hi All - I am trying to copy Base accounts from Actual to Plan Scenario but it is not working when I try to consolidate but it is working when I perform force consolidate. Below is the code and any help would be appreciated. If ((Not api.Entity.HasCh...

Kris by Contributor II
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