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Resolved! Dynamically Calculate Q1 total as sum of children

I have a dynamically calculated member formula. It is returning the wrong value for each Quarter, it should be the sum of the M1+M2+M2 ($1,614,441.60) and not be recalculated ($1,649,190.40). Is there a member property or formula examples that can he...

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Resolved! Dynamic Calculation without aggregation and consolidation

Hello,I am trying to have a member rule dynamically calculate and not consolidate to parent entities, which is working. However, it also needs the member rule to override the summation of MTD to YTD. I need the account to recalculate always. i have a...

Kathleen by New Contributor
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Resolved! Variance Formula

Hi, sorry for such a small issue but hoping to get a quick second look. I input the following to calculate BW percent but the following screenshot with the error keeps coming up, despite the comma I put in. Would anyone know what could be wrong with ...

royceBPSC by New Contributor II
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Resolved! DynamicCalc : get data from siblings (or parents)

Hello, I have a use case where I need to get data from siblings (or parents) for a dynamic calc.Entities A,B are part of the same parent EntityC.Cost1 / Entity A : 1000Cost1 / Entity B : 500Cost2 / Entity A : 2000Cost2 / Entity B : 1000The calculatio...

Sergey by Contributor
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