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Resolved! How to clear data on specific intersection?

Hello,We need to clear data on the specific intersections of Account, Entity, UD2, UD3, and UD5 members (all members from the remaining dimensions). The data is copied from the Actual to the Forecast scenario. So, I tried to use clearcalculateddata A...

Resolved! Member Formula - Min/Max Calculations

I need some help building out the following two calculations on stored member formulas. They would need to run at every UD.1) = MIN((A#Account1 - 4.5%), (A#Account2 - 6%), (A#Account3 - 8%))2) = MAX((A#Account1 - Account2 - Account3 - Account4),0)Tha...

camagruder by New Contributor III
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Why is 1S not formating pink (which is returned by u8#formula) ?

Hi, I have a u8#memberformula that I am trying to use for the first time - to format the background color of a cell. I know that setting BackgroundColor = pink will cause the cell to turn pink. BackgroundColor = u8#memberfomula my u8#memberformula ha...

Davy by Contributor
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Resolved! Retrieve member name

Hi all, I'm bit new in developing rules in one stream and I have a simple question. I'm trying to retrieve the accountId member name from a member formula on the account itself. I'm using the below code but it seems api.Pov.Account.Name is not workin...

MStucchi by New Contributor
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Member Formulas - Syntax Documentation

Hi, I'm trying to set up some new Cash Flow accounts, and as usual I'm looking at the existing CF accounts to see how they've been set up. However, I'm pretty new to OneStream, and I'm struggling to make sense of some of the Syntax. I've had a look i...

Beeswing by New Contributor III
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