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NoData in a Data Buffer

I was asked today, 'Am I correct to think that Databuffers do not return Null/Blank cells and therefore you don't need to check whether the cellstatus is Not NoData?'The full data unit is in memory and Time is part of that. The system needs it in mem...

PFugereCSO by OneStream Employee
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Dashboard - How to pass a condition within a label component?

I'm trying to build a label that shows target goals for each entity. Now since each region has different goals. I'm looking for my label to change the value based on the entity selected. Here is an example (We're still in development so not the most ...

Mustafa_A_0-1650546301458.png Mustafa_A_0-1650547240732.png
Mustafa_A by Contributor II
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How to call Data Adapter in a Business Rule?

I'm working with a BI Viewer and working out how to sort the dates within the Time data set. Is their an API that allows to call the data adapter used within a dashboard?Currently the dates on the X-Axis are disorganized and are being sorted based on...

Mustafa_A by Contributor II
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Resolved! Unable to load from Excel file to custom table

I have created an extender BR to load from a xlsx file with xft named range into a custom table. The file is in the OS cloud fileshare in a specific folder. I am 100% sure the file is set up correctly and the path is not an issue, however I still kee...

royari by New Contributor III
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