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Resolved! Transformation Rules - Order of Operations

Hello All, For the Transformation Rules, 1-1, Composite, Range, List, and mask rules, what are order of operations in rule types? Do the rules that run later overwrite previous results or does it ignore later matches after a match is made? Where can ...

stvnhdmpa by New Contributor
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Resolved! BRAPI rule for getting Text field from Workflow

I'm trying to pull a Text field from a workflow in a transformation event handler rule but ran into an issue. I originally tried to use api.Workflow.GetWFText1() but that does not work in a transformation event handler rule. Is there a way to get it ...

ericb by New Contributor II
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Editing Transformation Rules in Bulk

Is there any way to edit Transformation Rules in Bulk?When I try loading a trx file or xml code into the system it doesn't overwrite the rules which causes issues in someplace.Is there a way or a template where with direct upload I can delete that tr...

MJ1705 by New Contributor II
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Flip sign in complex expression

Hi all, is there a way a flip sign can be applied to a mask account mapping that contains a complex expression? See screenshot below (partly), the customer created nearly 4000 lines of code in here.

Rob by New Contributor
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