Adding New Account Structure to Our Existing One in Dimension Library.

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My company is implementing a new ERP system and I need to map the new accounts into our old structure. I am fine with the transformation rules I simply extract out make changes and load back up all is done in our Dev environment. My issue is how do I download to add accounts in the dimension library, If i added manually it will take forever. 


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You can use these MarketPlace tools to add new accounts in the dimension library:

1. Excel Metadata Builder

2. Application Control Manager (ACM)

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The Excel Dimension Builder is the way to go.  If you are going to use extensibility this is a very easy process with the Excel Metadata Builder Tool.  The tool is very helpful for large bulk uploads of OneStream Members.  Basically, you can define all the settings of a member such as Name, Description, Text Fields etc.  And then define the relationships aka the Parent in the second half of the Dimension Builder Template and the Tool will spit out an XML file you can load into OneStream.  Double check and triple check the members/relationships you create because if you are not careful you may unintentionally update an existing member or change a setting unintentionally.