Application Copy through CAT Manage Applications

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I would like to use the Cloud Administration Tools > Manage Applications to copy our Production application to Development (refresh Development).  I have reviewed the documentation and OneStream Academy video for how to do this but have a few questions.

1) Does it copy all the data in addition to the artifacts and metadata?

2) I see an option to have it reset IIS when completed but do you know if it stops IIS in both apps before doing the copy?  If not then do I just need to make sure I do not initiate the Copy when users may be in the applications?

Thank you



1. Yes, it copies everything

2. I want to say it does it on Target. However, I did not look at it.


Hi Denise,

The reset of IIS is for the environment and not per application. It will do the copy, but you will not see the new copy before a reset of IIS. However, you need to be a bit careful about the reset. Any Data management jobs running will be terminated. OneStream has a Marketplace solution called Process Blocker, which I think is meant for this (I have not used it myself)