Archive HFM Data into Archived Application in OneStream

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We are (officially) migrating our archived, pre 2020 data into OneStream (from our HFM archived environment) does anyone have experience with this, tips, and tricks? Our thoughts are only loading data into the entity and account dimensions since we won't need to transact as it's post-close/post-calculated data. Any advice or support would be amazing!


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The approach really depends on the company requirements. I've seen customers use a separate cube, separate scenario type or separate app. The considerations would include: Why are you moving the data? What will the data be used for? How will it be reported? Is OneStream the best place for the archive or would a data warehouse be more suitable? How accessible does it need to be?


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Have a look at this:

It is from 2017 but it gives you an idea of how the archive application can be designed (I have no connection with Finit). I have spoken to a number of experienced OS consultants about this and a common design is this 'no hierarchy' dimension. A client was talking about doing it but then decided not to so I haven't any experience myself. What I haven't worked out is how you write reports/cube views bringing the archived data into the current OS application.