Avoid changing members manually through Member Filter - Quick View

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Hi everyone, 

Is it possible to call the Rebuild function in VBA ? The goal is to update a Quick View by typing in a new period to avoid going into Member Filter and change the period manually (workbook contains multiple QV (ext. I know that Time Functions can be used so users can update through Cube View but the client insists on building a macro.


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This is not VBA as you mentioned, but you should just be able to key in the member name in your spreadsheet, and hit the Rebuild Quick View button. 

If you're adding a new row or Column dimension, you will need to identify it first  (ie U1#Top).  Just make sure you highlight the new member as well as a piece of the existing Quick View and then hit Rebuild, so it knows to associate it with it.


I'm not looking to add new rows/columns/dimensions in the Quick View. I have and Excel file with existing Quick Views in multiple tabs where I have to change the period every month for each QV. I'm looking to automate the change of period. So far I have been using Find and Replace for the desired period on Excel and going in each QV to click Rebuild but it is time consuming.

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This response to me sounds like you want the quick views on multiple tabs to all update to the same period.  Without knowing much more than that, would simply setting the time filter to T#Global suffice?  Otherwise, the feedback from db_pdx and BobMarchese should get the job done. 

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I agree with both solutions but there's an obstacle for the case where users have to go back in files dating from previous months and change to a different time function to catch that previous month. There's a risk that a user might omit to change the periods accordingly.

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"I know that Time Functions can be used so users can update through Cube View but the client insists on building a macro."

I'd push back on this.  Show them how they can put multiple, linked cube views into a single excel workbook.  Put a well formed member filter selection parameter into all of them.  Hit Refresh Workbook and show them how it will prompt once, and refresh everywhere.

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