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Would anyone be able to share their change management process for OneStream administrative changes and how it's documented (i.e. are you using a MarketPlace solution or tool outside the system)? We just went live in OneStream a few months ago and I'm looking for a more formalized way to document change requests, change implementation, and post implementation review to show the approval process. This would be for any administrative changes in OneStream, Metadata, Cube view, Business Rule, etc. Application Control Manager seems like more than what we need and Help Desk doesn't have a reporting flow built in which has me considering a tool outside the system. Just looking to understand what others are doing for this. Thanks!


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We use Jira to track, review, approve, etc. everything.

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We set up policies around items important to us to track plus what our auditors require, otherwise most everything is available via audit tables or audit reports inside OS. For ex: 

- Master data updates are mostly completed through ACM with some exceptions that are tracked with manual approvals against an audit report out of OS. 

- BR changes, "key" CV changes, Marketplace tool updates, security updates, among other things I'm sure I'm forgetting require approval which are stored in a folder for auditor review. 

- OS platform upgrades require documenting change ticket in our service now system. 

- Regular day-to-day activities do not require approval. We've defined these as transformation rule updates, data management updates, dashboard updates, etc. 

There's likely a level of change you'll have to determine as a company to determine what gets tracked and what doesn't to strike a good balance between risk and tracking time spent/wasted.

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I was also going to suggest ACM - Application Control Manager it can be found under MarketPlace which is in Solution Exchange.