Confirmation Rule - Yearly Workflow Tracking Frequency

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Hi Community,

Does anyone have experience running confirmation rules when the workflow tracking frequency on the scenario is set to yearly? 

The rule looks like its only running for the POV time which the WFYear but I want the rule to run for each period. I'm hoping someone else has come across this as well.



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Consider giving this enhancement a thumbs up which addresses your issue.

In order to do this, you will have to loop over each of the time periods and then display the errors in the Information boxes.

As an example may look like this:

Dim failedItemList As New Text.StringBuilder()
Dim isFailedCount As Integer = 0
args.ConfirmationRuleArgs.Info4 = String.Empty
args.ConfirmationRuleArgs.Info4 = "Pass"
Dim assignedEntityName, periodDesc As String

Dim assignedEntities As List(Of WorkflowProfileEntityInfo) = _
	BRApi.Workflow.Metadata.GetProfileEntities(si, si.WorkflowClusterPk.ProfileKey)
Dim wfTime As String = BRApi.Workflow.General.GetUserWorkflowInitInfo(si).SelectedWorkflowView.Year
Dim timePeriods As List(Of MemberInfo) = _
	BRApi.Finance.Metadata.GetMembersUsingFilter(si, "Time", "T#" & wfTime & ".Base", True)

For Each assignedEntity As WorkflowProfileEntityInfo In assignedEntities
	For Each period As MemberInfo In timePeriods
		assignedEntityName = assignedEntity.EntityName
		periodDesc = period.Member.Description

		Dim cell As Decimal = api.Data.GetDataCell( _
				"E#" & assignedEntity.EntityName & ":T#" & period.Member.Name & _
				":C#Local:V#YTD:A#BalSheetAccts:F#Top:O#Top:I#Top" & _
				":U1#Top:U2#Top:U3#Top:U4#Top:U5#Top:U6#Top:U7#None:U8#None" _

		If cell <= -1.00 Or cell >= 1.00 Then
			args.ConfirmationRuleArgs.Info4 = "Fail"
			failedItemList.Append( _
				"E#" & assignedEntityName & " T#" & periodDesc & " Amount: " _
				& Math.Round(cell,2).ToString & Chr(13))
			isFailedCount += 1
		End If

args.ConfirmationRuleArgs.Info1 = "Failed Items: " & Chr(13) & failedItemList.ToString
args.ConfirmationRuleArgs.DisplayValue = isFailedCount

'Process the pass/fail flag
If args.ConfirmationRuleArgs.Info4.Equals( _
		"Fail", StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase) Then
	Return False
Else If args.ConfirmationRuleArgs.Info4.Equals( _
		"Pass", StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase) Then
	Return True
End If