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Confirmation rule - display Information

New Contributor III

Hi everyone, 

When we run a confirmation step, we have a DB to show all confirmation passed or failed 

and when it failed we have Information 1, 2, 3, but with this DB we can only see confirmation rule by confirmation rule. This point is very inconvenient if you have more than 10 entities in your WF

I have a another DB to show all confirmation rule by entity, this is very helpful for the user but I would like to add Information 1,2,3 from table 1 to the table 2 (as image) 

Do you have any idea with which table I can take these column ? maybe I can joint 2 tables of sql and create a new one with all information 

Table 1: I dont know where I can find it

Table 2: this table is native in Onestream 



Thank you for your help 

Have a nice weekend 🙂







Contributor II

Hi Hoa Phan: I believe the data you are after can be obtained using a Method Query.

You'll need a: Data Adapter (Command Type: Method Query, Method Type: ConfirmationForWorkflowUnit). The method query syntax is {Workflow Profile Name}{Scenario Name}{Time Name}{IncludeDescendants}{Filter}.  More information and an example can be found in the Design and Reference Guide > Presentation > Method Query section.

The output of this will be a datatable that you can then use in a GridView or Studio Report.

Hope this helps.  Cheers -DB

New Contributor III

Hi DB, 

Thankyou for your answer

Your data adapter is my second table, the information I need comes from the first table : args.ConfirmationRuleArgs.Info1 (from confirmation rule) 

And I would like to connect 2 tables but I dont know where the first table comes from



New Contributor III

Hi, the custom fields can be exposed via the ConfirmEntityInstanceInfo object in a dashboard dataset rule. This information also naturally lives in the application database table called ConfirmRuleInstances.




Nick Kroppe