Cube View - Split Delimited Stored Item Text into Separate Columns

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Hello - I have a cube view that currently has two columns. The first is just base members of an account hierarchy, and the second is a dynamic calc UD8 that retrieves the text 5 value for each account stored by scenario type. The UD8 is working and pulling the correct text 5 values, however some but not all of the stored item text is delimited by semicolons. How can I split this text by semicolon into separate columns in the cube view?


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Hi @benmac360 This is feasible to do.  What are the column definitions that you have?  If you want to split a single column definition in to multiple columns you need an XFBR rule something like:

U8#(XFBR, myXFBRrule, mySplitStringFunction, params)

'Evaluate the Text5 properties

'Build a Return string

Return rtnString

and the resulting Return statement would return a comma separated string like U8#One, U8#Two, U8#Three.  

Not knowing what the Text 5 values contain in your example is hard to take this any further in this discussion thread.  You are essentially going to Return a Member Name of 'some' dimension separated by commas.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Mike - the only column definition I currently have is the dynamic calc UD8 member, along with an Annotation View dimension to display the text. The Text 5 values stored in each account are workflow profile names that all have the following format "Parent Profile.Child Profile". Some of the accounts only have one workflow profile name, while other accounts have multiple workflows delimited by semicolons. Thanks for your help!