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Is there a way to set the default application for all users? I would prefer it to always default to our Production application every time someone logs in.


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We set the application security such that users only have access to our Production application. When they login there will only be the 1 application.

RonneKarpinsk - I would follow the advice of db_pdx, you will want to use a security group for this. Please let me know if you need help.

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Is it possible to automatically open a dashboard, once the user actually starts an application.  The equivalent of having a landing page or home page?

Yes.  Open the dashboard, left-click the OS icon that is in the upper left corner of the dashboard, 'Set Current Page as Home Page' / 'Save Home Page Setting as Default for New Users'

Check the Design and Reference Guide for more info: "Home Page"

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Thanks for the response.  It appeared to work, but what I'm seeing now, is that when that user logs into other applications (without that dashboard), it is still trying to open the Dashboard set as Home Page in the prior application and obviously not finding it, so the new application opens to a BLANK New Page.  Is this the expected functionality?

It is not what I would expect, but it does appear to be what the documentation indicates:


Probably a good suggestion that you can add to IdeaStream: the ability to set independent home pages based on application.