Dimension Hierarchy

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Hi All,


I need a same base member in different parent members in Account dimension and it should aggregate to their respective parents, do i need to create multiple base members or I can use the relation, can anyone suggest what is the best way to achieve it.


Thanks in Advance.


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We can use relations in this case,

select the parent member - click on 'Add Relationship for selected member' - select the base member.

Please keep in mind that any change to the base member property will be reflected in all the hierarchies.


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Hi there,

You can use the relation. A simple way is to select the base member and then right click on on it and select "Copy Selected Members." From there, click on the new parent you would like to add it to and then right click and select "Paste Relationships (Add)." This will add the base account to the new respective parent and every instance that respective parent member is shared throughout the hierarchies. 

As Manasa stated, keep in mind that any changes to the base member will be reflected in all shared relationships.



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Thanks for your response, I have tried the same thing but I am getting same base values in the different parent members, It shouldn't be the case, I need to respective values from the base members to the different parent members, can you please help me with that.


Thanks in Advance.