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Does any one tried any QA/Test automation tool best work with Onestream?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Originally posted by Srikanth Arasada

Hi, Can any one suggest a best automation tools that fits for Onestream to streamline some of the QA/Test project maintenance activities like regression testing and load testing? I have tried few available in the market like and ended up with no luck as the tools unable to recognize the objects in Onestream very effectively. Most of the times tools fail to capture the mouse location or an object/Item in the product page. Appreciate if you could share our experiences and any feed back if some one tried something before and worked for them. 


New Contributor III

Hi Srikanth Arasada,

There is a package called LoadTestSuite in the market place which could help you in Load testing. The tool currently doesnt support SSO authenticated env but works otherwise.