Drill down to all journals from AdjConsolidated member

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Hi experts.

I have a query with regards to drill-down feature to locate the journals from 'AdjConsolidated' member.

The entity hierarchy of the client has multiple levels and they post journals at each of this level (i.e at parents as well as base entities). When we drill down by origin from a top member and want to further analyze the balances under 'AdjConsolidated' member, we understand that drilling to entities won't give the desired results as the jnls were posted against Adjinput members. 


Hence, they have to start the drill down by entities from Origin 'Adjustments' Member and keep checking for each sub-structure below it to see if the jnl comes from an Adjinput / Adjconsolidated member.

Is there a better way to directly drill down to the actual jnls that were posted.







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In the Application Reports dashboard, there are a couple of journal reports that the user can run. Granted, this doesn't give the nice drill down path from a parent entity but it does show every journal posted in the WF period.