Eliminations between Balance & P&L accounts

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Hi everyone; we have an application using standard elimination, we have been used eliminations between balance account and P&L accounts, I created a new account in Balance sheet accounts with plug account as Assets, create another P&L account (Revenue) using the same plug Asset account; now when runs the consolidation & Eliminations, there is a difference with balance, is unbalancing.

Is there an specific configuration that I need to setup into the accounts?

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This question has been raised before in this post:

plug accounts using P&L and Balance sheet types - OneStream Community (onestreamsoftware.com)

I hope this answers your question.

Generally, try not to mix balance sheet and income statement accounts on the same plug account as this naturally leads to differences (unless you have a single currency solution). As said in the other post, this can be adjusted using various configurations, but the default way results in differences (down to math).