Handling P13 in a consolidation application

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Hi everyone,

I have a case in my hand I'd like to get your opinions on. I have an 12 period application already built so custom time dimension is not an option.

The request is:

1. The client wants the P12 results to be available for reporting but the P13 results will be final results for the year.

2. They use P13 just like any period. There will be data load, journaling, data inputting and consolidating.

I have an option in mind to handle this but let me know your comments and/or any other suggestions you can think of.

Building a dashboard that would run a data management job to push the data from Actual scenario to Actual_P12 scenario to archive the data there. After doing that they can override P12 data in the Actual scenario with P13 data. If I'll go with this option I want that copied data locked and not changing even if they run a consolidation. Can you let me know how I can do that?



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Community Manager

Very wide questions like this don't tend to attract many responses, unfortunately, because there are so many ways to do anything in OneStream...

I can only comment on the last bit - don't think of data as being locked, but workflows. Just segregate the data import by workflow profile, and then use rules or hybrid scenarios to copy that data into locations where it might get modified (if necessary).