How to delete all relationships of a TOP dimension member? (or orphans all members below a TOP mb)

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Hi there,

I have a dimension with 10 000 members under a TOP member.
I can delete all of the relationships below TOP running :
However, it is extremely slow as it does it one by one, so it takes hours.
The same thing with the XML load is a load faster.
  <relationship parent="TOPTOP" child="XXXX" action="Delete" />

Any BR to upload the XML or other clever ideas?

Thanks One Team ! 


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OK got it solved using the BR. It runs fast now. I made a mistake... 🙂

I still would be interested if someone ever load an XML of metadata from a BR. Thanks Team!

Try using XmlLoadWcf.StartLoadXml, you need to provide either supply the XML content as a string or if it is zipfile then provide the bytes of the zip, then the type of ApplicationXmlFileType.

Perfect. Thanks

Hi @ckattookaran 

Can you please develop on this? I had a look at the PDF api and cannot find any info. Neither on KB nor Community.
The only info I find is in below. Have you got a sample to share with us? Thanks


Dim si As _-_0_-_
Dim xml As _-_1_-_
Dim zipFileBytes() As _-_2_-_
Dim fileName As _-_3_-_
Dim systemXmlFileType As SystemXmlFileType
Dim applicationXmlFileType As ApplicationXmlFileType
Dim options As XmlLoadOptions
Dim value As TaskActivityItem

value = _-_4_-_.StartLoadXml(si, xml, zipFileBytes, fileName, systemXmlFileType, applicationXmlFileType, options)

Dim backgroundTask As TaskActivityItem = Nothing
				ZipFile.CreateFromDirectory($"{strRuleLocation}", $"{strRuleLocation.Replace("Directory","")}\")
				Dim bZipRules As Byte() = File.ReadAllBytes($"{strRuleLocation.Replace("Directory","")}\")
				'Execute the load as a Background Task
				backgroundTask = XmlLoadWcf.StartLoadXml(si, "",  bZipRules, "", SystemXmlFileType.Unknown, ApplicationXmlFileType.ApplicationZipFile, Nothing)

This is a rule I'm using to Zip multiple XMLs and load them. The XML option (2nd parameter) is the XML string (if you are using one XML. The 3rd one is useful if you are loading a zip file (a package). If you are loading an Application XML, then you can set the SystemXMLFileType to Unknown. I've not used XMLLoadOptions.

Thanks. I will investigate that. For now I took the easy road with the ZIP.