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IC Elimination and USD Overrides

New Contributor III

Our Currency Override formula in the Flow Dim (EndBal_Input) has been working great, no issues. We have been using IC Elim's on all of our Balance Sheet accounts except Equity/Investments.  All of our E/I accounts are Currency overrides.  We turned this IC on in January and are now noticing that the Elim amt is the FX calc'ed value and not the Currency Override value.  Thus not zeroing out at O#:Top.  Not sure how to adjust the O#Elimination member at the parent level for IC members.  Any suggestions on how I might go about fixing.  Not sure if I need to include a fourmla in the Flow Dim to handle different Origins or if it is handled elsewhere.  Just looking for ideas to think about.

In my example below you can see the Elim amount is using the Closing FX rate and not the Fixed USD amt or rate.






New Contributor III

Does anybody have Intercompany Accounts that are Eliminated.  Would love to chat on how they are handling.  Still trying to work this issue out and right now the answer from OS is not going to pass our Audit.  This is really throwing off our Investments and Equity section when we have to report our Segments in USD (Actually same issue for our EAAA entity as it has APAC (USD) as a child).  Elimination Origin does not show the correct Amt when in a reporting currency for a Currency override account.