Is it possible to block elimination from happening if it's booked against certain (Equity) entities?

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Hello everyone,

I have 2 scenarios in my application: Stat and Management. There is this one entity is not getting consolidated in the stat whereas it's getting consolidated in the management structure like any other entity.

I realized the system eliminates receivables against this entity in the stat hierarchy even though the entity itself is not getting consolidated.

1. Is it possible to make the entity behave differently in 2 scenarios using the ownership types? Design and ref doc basically does not say anything about the behavior of the methods.

2. I don't want to map the amounts to IC None for Stat because the data is common between two scenarios.

Any help is appreciated


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What is the percent consolidation on the Entity within the Stat hierarchy? You could use the Org-By-Period Elimination if you are utilizing Percent Consolidation between the hierarchies. Here is an explanation from the Foundation Handbook:

Org-By-Period Elimination

The Org-By-Period Elimination Consolidation Algorithm Type uses the calc-on-the-fly Share – as in Standard – but has unique elimination considerations. When determining if the data cell’s IC Member is a descendant of the Entity being consolidated, this Consolidation Algorithm Type considers the position of the Entity in the hierarchy and also checks the Percent Consolidation for every relationship down the hierarchy. If Percent Consolidation is zero for the particular relationship, the IC Member is determined not to be a descendant of the Entity.

In comparison, the standard elimination (hierarchy elimination) only considers the position of the Member in the Entity Dimension hierarchy. Standard elimination is the default approach and does not consider Percent Consolidation.

Currently 0. Because that entity is not getting consolidated at the moment.

Do you think if it's possible to create some kind of custom script to delete O#Elimination if the IC# an entity with an ownership type Equity for example?

Ok, in that case then the Org by Period Elimination Consolidation Algorithm Type would fit your requirements. However, this would need to be tested against any historical data without knowing more about the full Design of the application.

You could definitely write a custom script, but in this case it may not be needed.