Looking for list of max character limitations for metadata, including annotations


Anyone have something they use?

Seems like OS has never provided a nice little reference like this.

Thanks in advance for anything anyone wants to share.


Name is 500 and description is 200 (seems backwards, but it is what it is)

Hm... I assume this limitation does not apply to other metadata or data source attributes.  Just tried to load a file where the Data Source was picking up a member description from the load file and refused to load due to field length (longest of the row items fields was 110 char).  

I'm looking for something a bit more comprehensive that will provide limitations as well for text fields and annotations etc. etc.  We ran into similar problem with Thing Planner and even the OS consultant wasn't sure what the field limitation was so.... that's not good.

But thanks very much for this.  Personally speaking, it seems like a member name over 40 characters is overkill anyhow.  Why on earth would they make the limit 500?

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I am not aware of a list that current exists, but Stage Attributes are limited to 100. Annotations and Text fields don't have a max character limit, but I believe would be limited to a 2GB storage max. 

Thanks very much for letting me know that! 

If you have access to SQL Server Management Studio on-premise, the table columns are defined with the properties such as Data Type and Length of what is allowed for the value in the column.  For source data that is imported into OneStream through a Workflow, the data records are inserted into the StageSourceData table.  This table and its columns are defined for the Data Type and Length and can be found through the Properties option.  Something like this:


If you don't have access to SQL Server Management Studio either locally or through your organization, then you probably don't have access to this level of information.  I would suggest creating a separate post requesting an enhancement of the OneStream Documentation team to kindly provide this level of documentation.  


Just as an FYI, if you really want to see the column definitions you can use a data adapter to query something like:



FROM information_schema.columns 
WHERE table_name = 'StageSourceData'
ORDER BY ordinal_position


SQL Server has some stored procedures that do the same thing but OneStream/data adapters seem to block them as unsafe.

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I used @DanielWillis 's SQL to generate this result.  Maybe it can help:



FROM information_schema.columns 
WHERE table_name = 'StageSourceData'