Making calculation logic and equations visible to end users

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Hello -

Wondering if anyone has come up with a efficient way of providing visibility for end users into the calculation logic and/or equations that are being used by dimension members. For example:

  • End user pulls up a Cube View
  • The Cube View is a mix of base members, calculated members, and dynamic calc accounts
  • How can they see the equations impacting the various members?

I'm hoping there is a better way than manually documenting it during system set-up and updating with each change. Any input appreciated.




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A couple of suggestions:

  • Avoid GetDataCell calcs as much as possible as these have the least visibility
  • Use alternate hierarchies for calculated members rather than dynamic calcs as these can be drilled-down using the out-of-box drilldown functionality, viewed in the dimension browser, as well as used in QuickViews with additional member expansions
  • For your dynamic calcs, ensure you are populating the 'Formula for Calculation Drill Down' so that the business logic can be drilled from the out-of-box drilldown.

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Great suggestions - thanks for your response!



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If you use the Member Formula Builder (part of Administrator Solution Tools) to create your calcs, it will creat the drill down path automatically for you.

Not sure what a user will understand from the code, but if that is what you are after then I would say create a UD8 member and display the formula using an annotation member in the cube view. If not formula drill is what you should use.

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