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Hi All,

I am new with OneStream and I am taking the ReadyTech Lab exercise-- Implementing_OS_Lab_3_Starting_with_Workflow_Exercise.


The requirement is to select the BudWorking-Budget Working Scenario as shown below.





However, in my application, there is no BudWorking-Budget Working Scenario. I have followed all the steps in the instructions.

What might be the problem and how could I fix it?



Thanks a lot in advance!


Kind regards,



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Hi Mulin, 

Welcome to the OneStream world and happy to see you are taking this class!!

Please check if you opened the correct lab and followed the instructions correctly (just to make sure you did not miss anything, happens to all of us). If you are sure you did not miss anything, please reach out to the training team. At the bottom of the Navigator homepage, you will find a contact button to get in touch with the Global Education Services Team:



Hi Henning,

Thank you very much for your solution.

I contacted the Global Education Services Team and wait for their reply.


Thank you again!