O#Forms submissions to locked forecast scenarios

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Hi all,
How do you handle preventing users from accidentally loading data via an excel XFSetCell or QV submission to O#Forms/O#BeforeAdj on a scenario that’s locked on the workflow in OS? I’ve submitted this via OS support and there’s an enhancement request for “Requesting option to prevent users from submitting data in Excel via XFsetcell or QuickView” but there’s no workaround that they can provide.

Our FP&A users load all data via excel and they’re generally educated enough to know what dimensions to change, but sometimes the communication doesn’t go out timely enough from corporate FP&A to stop loading adjustments (though the scenario is locked promptly on the workflow) and so we run into this issue. Any thoughts or feedback would be welcomed!



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If possible, I would change the Read and Write Data Group on the scenario as the first option to Administrators or a group which the FP&A does not have access to and provide access to the FP&A team with the Read Data Group which I assume is not an option. If my assumption is correct, Data Cell Access Security can be applied to the Scenario.


My users are not able to use a FXSet when the WF is locked or Certified. We assign Entities to each workflow and once locked or Certified, no changes can be made to those Entities. Just double checked with my Admin user and not able to FXSet to Forms.

Thanks for the suggestions!
Unfortunately the way our security structure is nested, updating security would be possible but would require testing to unravel first and of course, approval every time it’s changed.

After OS support’s initial reply, I did more testing in dev on my side and found that 2 out of 3 workflows get errors when the workflow is locked but one loads fine. It’s the oddest thing.

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Hi Nicole, There is a way via channels however for this option, we need to know the WF design, if you have a separate CubeRoot WFP for forecasting or planning this can be easily implemented, however if same CubeRoot WFP if being used then this may or may not be easy..., if you want to discuss on this, pls suggest

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Steps would be as follows,

1) Create a new workflow channel e.g, 'Forecast_Forms'

2) In the Workflow profiles where entities (for forecast loads) are assigned, deactivate other forms for Forecast scenario and create a new form which should have channel assigned as new one 'Forecast_Forms' (cleaner way - however you can use an active Form as well ) 

3) With this setup as soon as these forms, with new channel, in Forecast / Entity WFPs are locked - none of the users can load data by Quick view Grid or setvalue for those entities (assigned on the WFP)

Hope this helps (may be you can test this for one wfp first  )


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@SKMundra  - Quick Question I have a WF with a Form Profile and the form has Jan - Dec with an account.

1. I Created WF Profile and assigned it too the WF Profile form

2. Made the account as No Data Lock. 

3. Input the data and saved and locked the WF Profile Form.

4. When I navigate to Feb I still able to see input data for Jan and the Form is not locked ?

Any Idea what I am missing ?