OneStream Excel Enhancement Requests

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Our Organization is currently going through a Planning implementation of OneStream. We have provided a list of enhancement requests to OneStream that we feel would significantly improve the products reporting capabilities. Here is a list of the enhancement requests submitted. I am posting with hope that other customers would also benefit from these enhancements and reach out to OneStream directly to also request this functionality! You can also like ("Kudos") this post.


1.       Drill Down within XFGetCell Function. (This was something that came up a lot at Splash when discussing with other customers)

2.       Retain excel formatting when refreshing quick views

3.       Ability to utilize the member description to pull quick views or XF functions (Today you can only user member name)

4.       “Hardcode” the default Quick View POV when creating a new quick view (Users are required to retype their defaults when sending a report to a user otherwise the data could change depending on the other users POV settings)

5.       Option for a Default “Member Expansion” that will only pull parent members (Subtotals). This would be helpful when drilling or creating reports



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Hi - #2 and #4 are able to be done. #2 is in preferences and # 4 you can change in the application. see screenshots.

#2 - change data/primary style to comma or anything from the list.


#4 change Cube POV to your preference.





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Thanks for posting KWOLF. Appreciate your response. Responses to your feedback below. 

1. Response to  #2 enhancement request. We are aware of the ability to add formatting in the quick view properties; however it is extremely limited and definitely a step back from our current Hyperion application. With Hyperion users have the ability to format for each specific cell; where as OneStream will immediately remove the applied formatting to a cell once it is refreshed. 


2. In response to the #4 enhancement request. Yes, the cube POV does act as the default POV when creating a quick view as shown in your screen shot; however if you look at screen shot #1 below, you will see the POV in a light gray coloring. If the users send the report as is to another user and the user refreshes the sheet. The retrieve will completely reference the other users cube POV thus changing the data being referenced. In order to prevent this a user needs to type in the Dimension of each value in the POV in order for it to "Hardcode" for the user they are sending it to. This is a tedious task that does take some time to avoid changes in data when sending reports to other users. 








I understand the struggle with #4 - we use a template as a workaround. Meaning we walk users through setting up a QV in training where each dimension is defined as a starting point and then save that file as a template (.xltx) so it can be used as a starting point going forward without having to type in/select every dimension again. We also have our own generic one as admins that I can send out to users as their starting point as needed. Hopefully that helps in the meantime. 


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To help save time "hardcoding" the POV before sharing a Quick View, right click and do the following steps, which hardcodes the Cube POV for the Quick View for all dimensions. Can be a good practice to do this when initially setting up the Quick View if you share them frequently.



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This is awesome! I never knew this feature existed. However, I just tested it and noticed that "Apply User POV" overwrites already hard coded dimensions. Best to start with Apply User POV and then update the POV dimensions as needed.

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We just discovered this capability, but I wish it was on the OneStream panel on the right or on the ribbon at the top and not buried in menus. Almost everything in this menu has a shortcut, except Apply User POV and Clear POV. 

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Using the Data Style in preferences does not retain Excel formatting.  What if - within a quick view- a user wanted percentages in one column but decimal places (with no % indicator) in an adjacent column?  Currently that is not possible.  Retaining excel formatting would achieve this.

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Yes! Please and thank you. I highly dislike the all encompassing Data Style option.

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#3 doesn't sound feasible to implement. Dimension members are always unique while descriptions can be the same across multiple members. Any query from either a quick view or XFGetCell wouldn't know which specific member you're looking to retrieve from descriptions that aren't unique. 

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Yes, Please update #4! This makes Quickviews basically unusable to share but they are by far the easiest way to pull data from OneStream for one-off analysis. Needing to explain to users each dimension they need to select to recreate the cube view eliminates any efficiencies gained by creating and sharing the quickview.

Hi - if you set all your dimensions in the QV before sending the file, all QVs are shareable and won't revert to the user's POV.