Open multiple dashboard pages with passthrough of parameters

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I have a grid view with a list of items on my home page and I would like the user to be able to select an item. This will then open a new page. Everything on that new page will be related to that selection made (tables, labels, etc.). 

I could then go back to my home page, leave the first selected page open, and then open another page for a different item.

Any suggestions on how to get this to work?

Tried solutions:

- Fix the session state of the newly open page with the parameter value --> Once you do a full refresh of the page then the parameter will update to the latest selection made

Supplied parameters --> This is a good solution for a dialog screen, but when you open the dashboard as a new page the connection seems to drop here and it actually pops-up a dialog box again to make a selection on the new page.



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Sounds similar to a combo-edits type requirement.  The choice in the first combobox drives what choices are available in the next combobox and so on.  

One way to do this is make your parameters sql lookups.
Lets say you have three things that sequentially rely on the choice in the prior:
The where clause in the second parameter uses the value of the first parameter:
Select SecondParamValue as values from ValueTable where FirstParamValue = |!pm_FirstParam!|

The where clause in the third parameter uses the value of |!pm_FirstParam!| and |!pm_SecpondParam!|:
Select ThirdParamValue as values from ValueTable where  FirstParamValue = |!pm_FirstParam!| and SecondParamValue = |!pm_SecondParam!|