OrgByperiod/ Restructuration d'entités

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hello team,

new in OS , i need help if someone works on this tool.
i am wondering if there is an equivalence of the hfm functionality "org by period" in OS ?
is it possible in OS to manage the structure on a “Time sensitive” basis, and to have effective dates for changes ? i am aware that it's possible to do the changes of % of ownership or even change of type of ownership (full Conso, equity...) by period but am wondering if it will be possible if a change of the parent of the entity and having two hierarchies existing on the same cube/app

thank you in advance


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To the best of my understanding "Org By Period" is usually approached in a couple of ways. 


1. The neccessary parent/child relationships can be represented within the current Entity reporting structure.  So, if any entity is moving division in Period 3, you can set to 0% consolidation and add a relationship for the entity under it's new parent at 100% consolidation.  This results in a single entity hiearchy, which is quite efficient but it may confuse users since the base entities will appear until multiple parents.  I don't believe there is a way to hide the inactive relationships.

Reporting is also impacted since there is no standard way of recording that a relationship between a parent and a child entity is inactive.  This means a member filter such as E#Division.Base would return all active and inactive entities.  As a result, custom member lists are deployed but these don't typically work on all filter expansions and as such your reporting options become limited.  It also means the standard Drill-down functionality in the system doesn't quite work as expected to the extent where if an entity in no longer consolidating into it's parent because it has moved it will still display in the Drill down results.  

Other considerations with this approach are the fact that custom consolidation and eliminations rules are often needed. 


2. The second approach, which I'm sure you are familiar with, is to create an alternate hiearchy outside the current entity reporting structure.







Yes, OneStream is capable of handling Org by Period applications...

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Hi LeeBown and TomABC,

The description you provided on Org by period was very helpful to me. 

I undertand that this is the basic functionality of OS when below options are selected in 'Consolidation Algorithm Type' 


We have a case that, we have to write some custom rules in OS specific to client. So we have to selet 'Custom' in the Consolidation Algorithm type. Now our problem is that Org by period is not working at all. We were able to eliminate the data rollup for inactive entities by setting Consolidation % and Ownership % to be '0'. But the interncompany data still gets eliminated at the parent where the entity is inactive. 

Have you had any similar experience. Do you have any idea how to handle this?