Searching Metadata Crashing

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I am working on a client that already had OneStream implemented.  I am now tasked with introducing additional functionality.  I am experiencing an issue I have not seen before.  When I am in the dimensions page, searching a dimension using the binocular function.  I can search the name and see all of the names pop up in a window.  I then am able to select one and when I click View in Hierarchy the wheel spins and spins, never taking me to the location of that member.  I did notice if I do those steps and the wheel starts spinning and I immediately close OneStream down and go back into the dimensions it opens up with that member I was searching showing on the screen.  So in this case it is faster for me to perform the search, exit, log back in and see the result. 

Has anyone else experienced this?  And I have worked with clients that have much larger dimensions than the one I am searching on and have not experienced this.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Please  open a Support ticket for this.

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