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Set Text Value to Blank

New Contributor III

I currently have accounts tagged with a text value within Text1 default. There are rules which refer to the text value. 

My question is, if beginning in 2022M6 (for example), how can I set this text value to blank to make sure the formula no longer runs on this account.

Let me know if there are any thoughts outside of entering spaces or a different value. 

Thanks for the help.




I assume you currently have a value assigned to Default Time. The procedure should be:

  1. Assign that value to the first period of the first year, creating a Stored Item. You do that by selecting the first period on the tree in the left-side of the pop-up that appears when you double-click on the Text property and entering a value.
  2. Assign a new value, which can be anything, to 2022M6, in order to create another Stored Item.
  3. Edit that second Stored Item and delete the placeholder value. DO NOT use the "Remove Stored Item" button.

This should ensure that all past periods get a derived value that is the old text, and all periods from 2022M6 forward get a blank derived value.

Valued Contributor

Text Value can vary by Scenario & Time. With that said you can define value for each time period and your function should read the correct values.