Task Manager: Holidays

New Contributor

If a holiday falls within the duration of a closing period, is there a way to shift the Work Day (WD) due dates of the tasks for that Entity/Work Flow?  For example, we have a Mexican Entity with a WD due date on WD 4.  In May, there was a holiday on WD 1 (May 1st).  In our business, the Mexican Entity's due date to submit financials would be extended to WD 5 because of the holiday.    But since the due date did not fall on the actual holiday, the WorkDay due date in Task Manager still says WD4.    Is there a work around for this other than manipulating the holidays and creating a "dummy holiday" on WD4 so that the due date will extend the extra day to WD5?   



I believe this would be a good enhancement request for IdeaStream. My understanding is the same as yours, that it only applies the offset if the due date falls on the holiday itself, so you would need to create the "dummy" holidays to handle this at present.