Time profile change to Apr - Mar

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I have created a new time profile with M1 named Apr etc., and updated the month start dates to be 4/1, 5/1 etc. to achieve an Apr - Mar calendar. Note that I created it after I created the cube, then changed the setting on the cube.

The workflow shows the correct months, i.e. Apr at the top and Mar at the bottom.

However when I load a file with a time key of 2021M1, instead of going to Apr it maps to Jan, May goes to Feb etc. Somehow it is assuming 2021M1 is Jan still, even though I've updated the time profile.

All the lines in my file have a field showing 2021M1 but at the bottom of the log file I see this:

----------- Data Keys ------------
Actual - Actual | 2021M10 - 2021M10

Has anyone else experienced this?