Unable to delete Entity member v2


Hi all,

Short question. I have a message similar to this: 

"Unable to delete member 'XXXX'. Error removing member. Member 'XXXX' has data.

Same as in post Unable to delete Entity member - OneStream Community (onestreamsoftware.com)

With the exception that the cube is clear (in total there are 2 cubes; one without data and the other doesn't use the dimension in which the member exists). Should it be data somewhere else? If it is the case, where?

Thank you.

BR, Carlos


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Go to System -> Database, and use the record tool to find all the entries for E#XXXX. Clear them with a Clear Data DM job or custom rule.

Hi Jack,

That wasn't the answer because the cube was already empty (no data cells). At the end there were some data on journals that needed to be cleared before deleting the member.

Thank you