Unable to delete Entity member

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Hi All,

We have an issue where we are unable to delete an entity member from the hierarchy.

We get this error: "Unable to delete member 'XXXX'. Error removing member. Member 'XXXX' has data.

How can we clean the member 100%, so we can delete it?


Thank you



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Hi, the easiest way is to create a Data management step (Application tab/Data management) of "Clear data" type. One of the fields let you filter on Entity so you only clear the data of that entity

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That's the feature in OS, Metadata cannot be deleted without clearing the data for that member

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Community Manager

Before.you set up a DM job, if you're trying to identify where the entity is referenced, you can look in the System/Database page; there is an item that will allow you to query your records across all cubes.

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If you do need the entity's data as a backup, best to run a DM job to extract the data before deleting (i.e. 'Export Data').