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I was wondering if anyone who has implemented OneStream has come up against issues from their IT Security people with OneStream decision not to empoly a Web Applcation Firewall (WAF) as standard. This seems to be a common requirement of most IT Security governance approvals so I'd be interested in seeing if anyone has had this issue and how they resolved/accomodated it.


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While you may be looking for other customer's comments, my team at OneStream would be happy to discuss with your IT team.  Feel free to have your Account Rep or Customer Service Manager ask for a discussion with our Pre-Sales Technology Team.  In short, given the the way we are architected, we do not see a value to adding a WAF but more than happy to discuss.

-C.T. Brinkman

-C.T. Brinkman
Senior Director Pre-Sales Technical Solution Consulting

Hi. Thanks for coming back on this. We are having a call with our account manager and a techincal support guy from OneSTream on this shortly.