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Year and change

New Contributor II

Hi there. We are busy with the design of a management reporting and Statutory consol application. Their current year end is June but will probably move to a December YE from end of 2024. As the Time Profile is linked to a Cube the easiest way will be to create a new cube for the new YE data. As the proposed structure of the Management reporting solution will contain many cubes this may be proof to be problematic. Does anyone have a case study where this was done or does anyone know what is best practice in this regard?


Contributor II

I think you have to create a new Cube and attach the new time profile since it will not impact your existing reports which is already built on the existing Cube & Time Profile. You can easily migrate the Artifacts from existing cube if the Dimension are going to match and modify the reports using the new cube and Time Profile. Hope this helps.